Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Greek Amaranth

Native Seeds Search, Seeds of Change (heirloom, rare)
Origin: Mexico. Revered by the ancient Aztecs, the easily-threshed seeds of this grain species contain 14-18% protein and are rich in amino acids, especially lysine. With generous amounts of calcium, phosphorus, iron and fiber, they make a healthy and tasty addition to breads, hot breakfast cereals, and muffins. Young leaves are highly nutritious too, great in salads or lightly steamed. Along with their nutritional value, Amaranths are regal in the garden and make magnificent bouquets with sunflowers. Light green foliage gives way to beautiful, multiheaded flower plumes yielding dark purple edible seeds. An early maturing spices, Greek Amaranth is a unique, stoutly branched plant that produces delicious leaves, favored as a steamed vegetable in Greece.

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