Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Atomic Red Carrot

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (heirloom)
The Atomic Red carrot lives up to its name with roots of a beautiful scarlet color that gets brighter when cooked. This variety gets its hue from healthful Lypocene, a precursor to beta carotene credited for helping prevent several types of cancer. Brilliant red carrots are so healthy and unique-looking, sure to add color to your table. Crisp roots are at their best when cooked, and this helps to make the lycopene more useable. These are very flavorful and a favorite of Jenny Watson, Baker Creek's inventory manager, who likes them in her wonderful potato salad. Draw out the Atomic Red’s remarkable color and flavor by steaming, roasting or baking these crispy roots. They’re very tasty in soups or stews.

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